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Sydney Total Cleaning has quickly become one of the leading cleaning services in Sydney. As a company we only use ecofriendly products for green cleaning practice. All of our materials are carefully selected with the environment in mind, and our processes are tailored specifically for sustainability. We are NDIS certified cleaners, meaning that all of our services meet the standards of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We provide a broad variety of residential, strata, offices, and commercial cleaning services that can be booked oneoff or for a recurring contract basis. Sydney Total Cleaning‘s services also extend to interior and exterior window cleaning, upholstery, mattress, and carpet cleaning. We have established a strong reputation amongst big and small companies alike, and are proud to maintain their trust.

Sydney Total Cleaning takes each job seriously and strives to produce perfect results for our customers, every time. Our employees are highly trained, and always strive to work quickly, and efficiently. Taking the environment into consideration, we ensure that our methods and processes are underpinned by our commitment to green cleaning practices, so you can trust that your home or business is in secure and safe hands.

Why Choose us


    The obligation-free onsite quote is available with a free consultation on available options for your cleaning needs.


    We use premium eco-friendly materials for each job, with years of experience excelling in various cleaning jobs either contract based or once-off, delivering quality & attention to details.


    We are trusted and highly recommended. We strive to keep customers happy, which brings us more referrals and expands our referral network in Sydney. Over %70 of our customers, are referred by our satisfied clients in the past.


    It takes many years of experience and knowledge to deliver each client’s exact cleaning needs on budget, and finding the right cleaner is always hard. But, with Sydney Total Cleaning, you are in good hands.


    We use high-quality & eco-friendly cleaning materials with every job, enabling us to deliver an outstanding results for your cleaning needs.


    We strive to keep our clients happy, our customer satisfaction guarantee, assuring the quality of our cleaning service for you.


    We try to minimise the environmental impact by using eco-friendly products, assuring you that your loved ones will not experience health risks as a result of using toxic cleaning chemicals.


    Our cleaning service is %100 customer satisfaction oriented, Our ultimate goal is to keep our clients happy.


    We take the safety of our employees and people seriously, and all our work complies with Australian OH&S safety on every job.

What is Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is the practice of using environmentally friendly products and methods to clean homes, offices, and outdoor spaces. It‘s an effective way to reduce the amount of toxins and pollutants that can linger in and around our environment. It also helps to reduce energy and water consumption, drastically reducing the amount of waste created through traditional cleaning methods.

Green cleaning methods use natural and biodegradable products such as vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and microfiber cloths to power clean a variety of surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. These natural cleaning agents are often diluted with water, removing grease and grime without creating harsh fumes. The benefits of using green cleaning products are many.

Ecofriendly cleaning products are often less expensive than their synthetic counterparts, and they are safer for people and the environment. Natural cleaning products are biodegradable, meaning they can easily break down in the environment. They also leave behind fewer toxins and irritants, reducing the risk of skin and respiratory illnesses.

Finally, green cleaning products are usually more effective than traditional products, meaning that less is needed to get the job done. Green cleaning can be an effective way to protect our health, our environment, and our pockets. By using natural and biodegradable cleaning agents, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact by reducing energy and water consumption, and by eliminating toxins and pollutants in the air. With the proper use of ecofriendly cleaning products, cleaning can be safer, cheaper, and more effective!

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